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Why small businesses should support the community


Small businesses are important in your community because it gives you an individual sense of identity. They’re also a hub to get personalized items that you know are handmade with care. These small businesses are unique to your town, which is why they contribute to the charm of your community.

However, some people think that small businesses don’t have much effect in the community. Here is a list of reasons why small businesses should help the community.

Provides a healthy community:

When there are small businesses in the vicinity, the community comes together more often. This is often seen between small business owners as they come together to strengthen their businesses. Once you open up a business, your business becomes their business.

You would definitely want to see your friend’s business grow to be successful, as they would wish the same to you.

Community Involvement:

Some of the sponsorships for school programs, plays, and sports teams can be shouldered by local businesses. Of course, this is dependent on how willing the business is to be involved with the community’s development.

However, it is common to hear of small businesses participating in craft fairs, bake sales, and even local school events, which is one way small businesses aid in the community.

Environmental Benefits:

Small businesses that are located near residential areas may cause a decrease in vehicle use and traffic in the area as it is more convenient for them to have smaller parking areas.

Based on a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, compact and walkable downtown centers are smart growth areas. For this agency, smart growth areas help reduce air pollution because the area is better to bike or walk around on in place of taking a car.

Significant Economic Advantages of Smart Growth Areas:

  • Stronger retail sales
  • Increased productivity and innovation
  • Increased ability to compete for labor

Local Job Availability:

When there are small businesses, chances are, there will be a lot of hiring positions due to demand. Instead of members of the community having to commute to a different city to get a job, it would be much easier and more convenient for people to apply in local small businesses.

When a community has a vibrant commercial center small business owners will be able to grab lunch in other local small businesses, run important errands, and grab beverages from local pubs. This also helps keep the money local and helps create a tight-knit community.

Key Takeaways:

Local businesses have so much potential for the community which is why we compiled a list of reasons why small businesses should help the community and how the community can help too.

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