Day: August 19, 2019

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How to Tell When You Have Mold Growing in Your House


The growth of mold in the house can be unsafe if left unattended. There are lots of ways you can check for the growth of mold in your home, but it’s important to know the signs so that you can do something about it. In this article, we discuss the 5 ways to tell if you have mold in your house

You can hire mold remediation on this website: Hiring a professional to do the job can provide some tips on how to maintain the mold growth, if the infestation is a little more serious then they can assist you in lessening the amount of mold in your home.

Signs of Mold Growth in the House:

  • Constant allergic reactions: If you’re one to have allergies and experience allergic reactions without any visible signs of your common allergens, then you may be dealing with mold growth in your home. The presence of mold and their spores can often irritate your respiratory system to have the same effects as an allergy attack. You may want to get your home tested by a professional to see if there is mold growing somewhere that you can’t see.
  • Strange mold odor: Usually homes have an air vent system that helps them to circulate the air around their home. Mold growth can be smelled if there is a large amount present then the smell of mold would be distinct and unpleasant to the senses. You can always have the air vents checked out by professionals. Replacing the air filter isn’t always effective, which is why it’s important to have your air vents cleaned out regularly.
  • Visual signs of mold growth: Usually seeing some mold is the most ignored sign of the presence of mold. Sometimes, mold is even ignored because it resembles dust or soil. If you see any presence of mold, then you should have the house inspected to check if there are larger amounts of mold that aren’t as visible as what you already see. Have the mold tested sooner than later.
  • Signs of water damage: If your house has been exposed to leaks from a storm, then you may want to have it checked. Any place that has water damage can be indicative of mold growth. Aside from that, leaving a water-damaged area alone means that that structure has weakened and should probably be replaced as soon as possible.

What is Mold Poisoning:

While mold is generally safe, there are some types of it that produces mycotoxins. These toxins are easily carried by the air and can cause long-term health problems if left alone. Mold remediation companies have services where they inspect the mold present and have the mold tested to see if it is the type of mold that can cause mold poisoning. 

The symptoms of mold poisoning can be easily mistaken as a respiratory infection, which is why you should have it checked before your symptoms get worse.


Mold is something that people often disregard. They think that this is just a sign that you need to throw some food away. You should keep an eye out for mold; these are the 5 ways to tell if you have mold in your house. It’s time to do something about this mold problem right now.

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