The Best Cities to Visit in Poland and Why.

The Best Cities to Visit in Poland and Why.

The country of Poland is considered to be a very historical one. They have been able to preserve most of their history through the forms of castles, palaces, and many more. But there’s more to this place than just satisfying your medieval urges.

Poland is a country filled with national parks, mountains to hike, and lakes to ride a boat on. The outdoor activities in this country seem to be endless! But what makes it difficult is finding the right one to start with.

That’s why we’re here to help you out! Here are the best cities to visit in the country of Poland and why! 

#1 Krakow. 

Considered to be one of the oldest cities in all of Poland, the city of Krakow is the place to go if you want to learn more about the country’s history and traditions!

It managed to evade the devastation that WW2 brought about, which is why nearly all of the historical buildings and castles are still intact and ready for the public to see. And the best museum to visit here is no doubt the Rynek Underground Museum, which is sure to give you a bit of the creep along with some lessons about the past.

And when the weather is a bit sunnier, you can also enjoy a ton of national parks scattered around the city. A notable one has to be Planty Park which covers around 21 hectares. So if you’re looking to be a bit more active and want to learn, then this is the city for you!

#2 Warsaw. 

No trip to Poland would ever be complete without visiting the country’s capital, Warsaw. Which has, since WW2, been reconstructed to the beautiful city it is today!

Warsaw probably got the worst of it during the second world war, and that’s putting it mildly. But thanks to the country’s efforts, they were able to put the devastated cities in a renaissance state and have made Warsaw even more beautiful to see! 

Here, you can learn more about the country’s history from the National Museum along with some art works from Adolf Hitler himself. And if you’re looking to be a bit more active, you can also check out the Lazienki Palace with its gardens. It’s covered by 76 hectares of urban forest, so that should be more than enough to rival Krakow as well.

#3 Gdansk. 

The main seaport of the country, the city of Gdansk remains to be one that all should be able to see, thanks to its many attractions!

Now, a seaport may not be all that exciting but hear me out. Because in the city of Gdansk, you can check out what is considered to be one of the best historical museums in the world, the Museum of the Second World War, which features an abundance of WW2 artifacts.

But if that’s not your style, then you can also check out the world’s largest brick church in the world, St Mary’s. And you can also see the star-shaped Wisloujscie Fortress and the Gdansk Nowy Port Lighthouse if that’s more your deal.


World War 2 left a huge mark on many countries, but the one that suffered the most was probably Poland. But thanks to the country’s hard work, the government’s aid, and the people’s determination, they were able to rise up again and have now built an amazing and breathtaking country. From the capital of Warsaw to the parks of Krakow, and to the ports of Gdansk, the country of Poland is open for all to experience its beauty!

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Five Best Things to Do in Hawaii

Five Best Things to Do in Hawaii

We’ve all dreamed of going to Hawaii at some point in our lives. Thanks to the media, movies, and pop culture in general, everybody in the world knows what Hawaii is. A tropical paradise is rich with culture, amazing beaches, mountains to climb, jungles to explore, and beautiful people to meet. Hawaii is truly a paradise for the majority of people. So when you finally do get a plane ride going there, what should you do first? Well, to help with that, here are some of the best things to do in Hawaii.


Without a doubt, the first chance you get to be in Hawaii, you should definitely try out snorkeling. It is absolutely the best place for you to do so really! With clear waters everywhere, you will finally be able to live out your mermaid or merman dream! Hawaii also has some of the most beautiful marine life you will ever experience. With different species of fish all over the coast, you’ll really start feeling as if you were a part of the sea all along. And that is what Hawaii can do to people, to make them feel like they belong!

Beach or Island hopping. 

Have you ever wondered what it was like to change up your daily commute? Imagine trading in your Uber or bus rides to boats traversing the waters, taking you to the neighboring island. As with most archipelago’s, beach hopping is a really common thing to do in Hawaii! In fact, it’s one of the main modes of transportation! So when you’re in Hawaii, you not only have access to one beach per se but all of them as long as you find the right boat to take you there!


With the open sea ready for you to enjoy, there’s no better place to try surfing than in Hawaii. In fact, it’s one of the main sports on the island! But not everybody knows how to surf, it’s not like riding a bike or strapping on some roller blades on your shoes. It’s quite difficult, that is why the people of Hawaii are more than willing to teach you how to do surf like the best of them! In Hawaii, you’ll be able to ride the ocean waves as much as you really want.


How about we take a break from the ocean waves, and long beaches and trekk the mountains along this great island? In Hawaii, you’ll have no shortages of sights to see, whether it be in the ocean or on land. With active volcanoes in some parts and treacherous trails as well, you are bound to have your inner adventurer burst out and truly see what you are capable of while enjoying amazing views of Hawaii.

Sunset Cruises. 

Now, what would be the best way to end a day in paradise? Well, by enjoying a sunset cruise of course. In Hawaii, not only will you have the time of your lives, but also the best that nature can offer.


Hawaii is a huge and wonderful place. The things we’ve listed here barely even scratch the surface of the total amount of things you can really do once you’re on the Island! But now, at least you have some ideas before heading there. And one last thing, Aloha! 

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